Saturday, May 19, 2012

Sinking in a Fruity Nightmare

Its not often I start off a post with sad news, but this is most certainly an exception. My lovely 7D, Marisa, recently got stolen the day before the now infamous Panther Condoms commercial. The commercial itself was a pain in the ass itself, troubled more with a DP working with a heavy heart....sniff sniff.

Marisa had become my only true love. After shooting a feature, a short, a reality TV show, a music video and numerous docs and commercials, she had won acclaim from Bolivia (my only true fan there who keeps emailing me....thank you sir) to Bangladesh (where I proved to many nay-sayers that HDSLRs are the way of the future) from people raving about her results. The custom picture profiles I'd toiled hours over, the various hot-rodding and finally the hours I'd spent shooting with her (more than any human feminine counterpart). All gone. I haven't cried since my pet dog KT died when I was 13, even when I broke my first CineAlta. This got me pretty close. I can only hope that the guy who has stolen it, uses it for some good, or at least sells it to someone who takes care of her as much as I did......(fat chance).

The Frayed Kit now lacks its most important member and we ended up shooting the Panther TVC with a rented 7D, the second time for me since the BDDL shoot after I broke the CineAlta. I can't really talk about the commercial itself, but be prepared for a long ass post for that one.

The last commercial I shot with Marisa was Radhuni Kashundi (Kashundi being a local mustard seed sauce of some kind and tastes like wasabi mixed with regular mustard....i.e gross), but apparently is some sort of local delicacy when mixed with fruits, especially the unripe kind. The commercial itself was fun to shoot. All outdoors, with 3D fruits mixed in with some good ol' puppeteering. Let's see if you guys can spot the 3D stuff and the puppets.....wait, does this qualify me to be their Master? Get it? Master? Puppets? Oh well, time to lay off the caffeine.