Monday, July 29, 2013

Mid Year updates

It's sad that I only get to update my blog when I'm running a fever of 101 and suffering from the sniffles and a sore throat. Either ways, I thought I'd update my peeps on some of the things happening lately.

Firstly, the Protik Developers ad is now online. Since I did not direct this TVC, NDAs had to be respected, so I can't put it up on my website or YouTube channel. However, unless you've been living under a rock or just shun social media, here's a Facebook link:

I really liked this commercial, although the link only shows you the Corporate version, which includes some shots and interviews not shown on the TV version. The CGI however is kinda sad. I personally would have out sourced it to my brother in law's firm 1998 Creative in Vancouver, BC. But, the director insisted on going the cheaper route of doing it here. See the previous post(s) about my experience while shooting this spot.

Then, there's the Samsung AV I shot. This was with a new client Analyzen. Quick back story: Analyzen is currently leading the charge with digital media hitting the social networking sites in Bangladesh. They got over a million hits with their Samsung REXposed shows, which is kinda like our own version of MTV's Punk'd. Needless to say, this company knows what they are doing. I think especially with the youth of Dhaka, online viewers are much more important than the TV stations. None of the 18-30 year olds I know are actually watching TV. They are however almost always logged onto their Facebook and YouTube accounts. The demand for quality online programming is therefore very important and as it turns out less hassle-some, since you aren't dealing with TV channels, which is very, very, very tedious. Also, have you seen the latest TV stuff here? Laughable. With cable and satellite TV channels, youngsters are rarely watching anything on the local channels here. Why would they? Compare something like a Glee, Person of Interest or Mad Men to some of the crap being served on local TV. The government is moaning and whining about our children losing their Bengali heritage. Well, give em something to watch then; something that would make them chose those shows over the cable channels. The movie industry is changing, why should the TV industry fall behind?

Anyways I digress. Back to the Samsung AV. I met with Analyzen while pitching another show I wanted to put on Facebook, that would be highly interactive with the audience. They loved the idea, but gave me a gig while I was there. This was the AV. Within a week, I made and aired the spot. Here it is:

Last time I checked, it had over 5000 likes. Whoa...

Finally, here's the last update. My short WonderWall finally made it to the top 10 in the Robi Film Festival competition. Not bad for something that was made within 12 hours and had a 0 budget. Big thank yous go out to the actors and the crew. Here's the short:

Lots of people loved it, some didn't, some were confused with the down beat ending (thanks Mom). Overall, I'm happy with the response. To my lead actor Tashrif: I'm sorry so many people are hating on you (the character, not the acting) after they've seen the short. But that only means you've done job absolutely brilliantly, since that's exactly what I wanted the audience to feel. You're going places and I'm sure I'm not the only one telling you that.

That wraps up the half yearly report from yours truly. Looking forward to a great year ahead, full of ass kickings, literally.