Friday, July 23, 2010

Meridian Chips Commercial is a reason most DPs don't wanna work with new directors. And there's a reason why all DPs don't wanna work with new directors who (think, that they) know too much. First, there was the Nescafe shoot (don't even remind me of that) then this. While Nescafe was a catastrophe, this worked out pretty well. I think this is one commercial, where I felt like the Director, AD, DP, Art Dept. All in one. Sadly, I was paid (not yet, I might add) for only one of those.

The producer of the commercial, is actually the director who I usually work with, Badhon Bhai. Sometimes he would pop in and take control over the real (other) director Zonayed, who really is a great Art Director, but as it is with most people who I've worked with, everybody wants to be the director. I did another shoot with Zonayed in Cox's Bazaar. But that's another story.

Watch it here:

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